The IGOBF would like to remind all greyhound owners that the correct way to rehome all greyhounds is by contacting the Irish Retired Greyhound Trust.
The IRGT rehoming process is currently moving smoothly with few delays.
Courtesy and respect for IRGT is of the utmost importance for the future of greyhound racing.
The IGOBF utterly condemns the very tiny minority who put their greyhounds into the dog pounds and also strongly objects to the practice whereby some owners rehome their greyhounds with Anti-Racing Establishments.
These same Anti-Racing Groups are working with Animal Rights Extremists and have been campaigning to have racing defunded and banned completely.
Many Anti-Racing Rehoming Centres in Ireland are spreading extremely negative propaganda.
We strongly advise that you NEVER place any greyhounds with Anti-Racing Rehoming Groups.
Phone IRGT to place any greyhounds you need rehomed on the waiting list and don’t forget to have the neutering, rabies vaccine,dental check and paperwork completed without delay so that the rehoming process proceeds smoothly.

***Your retired greyhound needs to have the rabies vaccine administered a minimum of 21 days before they are ready to travel.The majority of dogs are adopted overseas so the vaccination date will greatly influence how long your dog is waiting to be adopted.***
The Irish Retired Greyhound Trust

Damian Matthews

IGOBF Chairman