Meeting with Tim Lucey Feb 1st


Introductory meeting with Mr. Tim Lucey,CEO of Rásaíocht Con Éireann and representatives from The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation 

February 1st 2024 


Damian Matthews, Chairperson IGOBF 

Deirdre Leahy, Secretary IGOBF 

Geoff Parnaby 

Clare Hanley 

Four representatives from The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation met with the new CEO of RCÉ in Dublin. 

Back in early 2022 twelve key issues were identified by our affiliated GOBAS and discussed at a meeting between RCÉ representatives and The IGOBF. 

Two years later we are back with the same 12 issues. 

Following a very positive and constructive discussion we are very hopeful our new CEO can progress from the stalemate that unfortunately has occurred in the interim. 

The current distribution of prizemoney on the SIS RACING is on a trial basis for 3 months and will be reviewed at the end of March. 

 12 Key issues our members have brought to us to have addressed. 

 1. An agreed action plan for track maintenance at every track for trials and racing.

Safety at every track with the emphasis on the surface being properly prepared and maintained was the number one key issue agreed by all GOBAS. 

***All Ground-staff at every track should have to undergo training and have regular oversight. 

 2. Ring Fence significant portion of the Horse and greyhound fund for prizemoney. (55%) 

***Good prize money is a top priority. 

***A survey of how prizemoney is divided should be undertaken. 

***Our members racing on SIS are very unhappy with certain aspects of the new SIS prizemoney distribution. 

 3. Reduce race entry fees and no more additional costs on owners and breeders. 

***Restore the breeder’s prizemoney initiative. 

***Restore trainer’s incentive. 

 4. Private tracks 

Re-examination of their funding to see if we can level the playing field with the GRI tracks. They are significantly disadvantaged. 

***We are seeking a commitment that this will be looked at and costed. 

 5. More transparency on Racing Pools by grades.

Suggestion to publish monthly on Talking Dogs/Sporting Press. 

***Commitment to re-examine the racing calendar. 

***The prize money for the top two/three most prestigious stakes at every track should be prioritised to be increased and promoted. 

This really helps every track bring the best greyhounds and the best crowds and will lift the sport across the country. 

***Commitment for a review of all stakes to receive increased prize money and promotion. 

 6. Complete review and overhaul of the Barking Buzz platform. 

To allow new revenue streams into our sport we must consider engaging with the top betting companies and bring our live racing streaming to a global market. 

**We should be aiming to increase the online revenue turnover annually by a target percentage. 

 7. Request confirmation that IGOBF will have consultation and input with OKS Consultants before the final draft of the IRGT rehoming/retirement strategy is agreed/published.All retired greyhounds should be rehomed through the IRGT. 

***Waiting times for rehoming greyhounds are currently not optimal through IRGT. 

 8. An agreed action plan to deal with negative publicity, online bullying, targeting sponsors, anti-racing propaganda and a strategy to counter those who deliberately undermine/tarnish greyhound racing in the media and with politicians etc. 

*Our members are prepared to play our part to defend our sport and it should be a united approach. 

 9. Drug testing.

We are seeking a new evaluation of best practices, more detailed information about thresholds, more regular communication to our members about all aspects of drug testing. 

***We must build trust and confidence in the testing system. 

 10. Clear communication from GRI regarding upgrading to Shelbourne Park, Kilkenny track and any other developments is requested. 

*An update at our next meeting. 

 11. Young people in our sport are vital to our future success.

Conduct an online survey (survey monkey) amongst the younger age groups and allow them to have a voice in the future of our sport. 

***Agreement on a survey and 

***build new initiatives for young people based on their own suggestions. 

 12. A new focus on building attendances, benefit nights, fundraisers, building our business and attracting greater attendance to stadia and online audiences. 

***A long and short term strategy to drive the business forward and to market it properly. 

The IGOBF also provided Mr. Lucey with spreadsheets showing the decline of prizemoney and emphasised the cost of living crisis and the loss of income for breeders, trainers and owners due to the cancellation of breeder’s incentive, novice incentive scheme, trainers run money incentive etc. 

Other matters mentioned. 

*Rehoming and welfare. 

*New developments at Shelbourne Park and Kilkenny. 

*Feeding of category two meat to racing greyhounds. 

*Dialogue with stakeholders and new ways to improve this. 

*The new five year plan is likely to be published in May 2024 

*Positive developments at Lifford track. 

*The best financial deal with SIS for our Irish racing. 

*Working smarter not harder by vastly improving online entry system for racing entries. 

*Third level courses and certification for canine/greyhound care. 

*Improvements to GRI website. 

*Use of head-on cameras to monitor seeding, disqualification etc. 

*A unified industry with best welfare at the core of every decision. 

*New gambling legislation. 

*Historically we have very strong links and a great relationship with the GAA and we need to continue to build on working with clubs and charities. 

*Promoting our sport on local radio and on social media. 

*Removal of vat on dog food. 

*Impact of Brexit on exports. 

*Our members do not want greyhound racing decoupled from horse racing and we appreciate the value of The horse and greyhound Fund for our industry. 

*Young people and the future generation of our industry. 

*Improvements at stadia that will enhance the quality of the race goers experience on a night out.

IGOBF Membership Figures

Latest update 12/11/23 regarding the membership of The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation.
The IGOBF have 1548 paid membership in 2023/2024 representing nine GOBAS.
If you wish to support The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeders Federation please contact one of the nine affiliated GOBAS

1.Kilkenny GOBA (140)
2.Tipperary GOBA(206)
3.Lifford GOBA (120)
4.Drumbo/Northwest GOBA (174)
5.Limerick and Clare GOBA (243)
6.Western GOBA/Galway(245)
7. Northern GOBA/
Brandywell/Derry (165)
8. Kerry GOBA/ Tralee(183)
9.Wexford GOBA(72)

Congratulations Olivia Jackson – IGOBF Buster Draw Winner

Congratulations! The winner of The 2023 IGOBF Derby Buster prize of E500 is Olivia Jackson, Killmacanogue, County Wicklow.
The winning sequence was 253416 and the winner has been confirmed by The IGOBF website team.
Thank you to all our supporters and congratulations to Olivia Jackson.
The IGOBF team would also like to congratulate Jennifer O’Donnell and the winning connections of The Other Kobe who raced to a very impressive victory in the final of The Boylesport’s Greyhound Derby 2023.

SOLD OUT – Thank you to everyone who has supported The IGOBF Buster Draw 2023.

All Derby Buster Tickets are now sold.

Thank you to everyone who has supported The IGOBF Buster Draw 2023.

Best of luck to all our supporters.

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IGOBF Junior Nominator Competition 2023 – Round 3

Facebook Competition:

Send in your support for your nominated dog or if your dog has not qualified you can support your favourite dog remaining in the competition. Send your entries to Irish Greyhounds Sunrise to Sunset Facebook page to be in with a chance of winning some goodies each week.

Some of the wonderful entries sent in for Round 2.

Please Support The IGOBF Buster:

Boylesport’s Irish Greyhound Derby Final 2023

Greyhound Trainers Talk – Greyhound Gut Health

Join Interchem and Precision Microbes at the Pavilion Area, Shelbourne Park Greyhound Stadium for a talk on “Why all health begins in the gut in racing greyhounds”. Taking place on Saturday 24th June with the speaker on the night, Tommy Heffernan MVB Gradcert DHH, Veterinary Consultant.

-Refreshments and food available from 6pm

-Talk 7.00pm to 7.30pm

Register your interest here:

Meeting minutes between The IGOBF and Rásaíocht Con Éireann – 23rd February 2023

A meeting between The Irish Greyhound Owners and Breeder’s Federation and the Board of Rásaíocht Con Éireann took place at the Horse and Jockey at 12.30 pm on Thursday 23rd February 2023.

In attendance for The IGOBF:-

Damian Matthews, Chairman of IGOBF, Deirdre Leahy, Secretary of IGOBF and Geoff Parnaby IGOBF and Clare Hanley.

In attendance for Rásaíocht Con Éireann :-

Mr. Frank Nyham, Chairman, Mr. John Tuohey, Acting CEO, Aileen Lennon, Alex Grassick, Richie Regan, Elizabeth Gray, Patrick Flanagan, Anne Channon.

The IGOBF commended the recent very successful student nights at Shelbourne Park, Galway and Cork and praised the notable social media improvements across all the tracks.

The IGOBF informed Rásaíocht Con Éireann of meetings they were having with some senior politicians from Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

The IGOBF put forward the following issues from their members:-

The makeup of the Board of Rásaíocht Con Éireann to mirror that of H.R.I. i.e., stakeholders representative’s appointments.

The delay in the implementation of capital developments (Shelbourne Park & Kilkenny), awaiting the new 5-year plan since the sale of Harold’s Cross has led to uncertainty in the industry.

Clarity regarding the proposed new gambling legislation to our sector.

Proposed amendments to Category 2 meat thresholds must be reviewed immediately.

Financial implications to the knackeries, the farmers and the greyhound owners and breeders will be substantial in the present economic climate.

Ringfence a percentage of the Greyhound Fund for prizemoney, hence back to the grassroots of the industry, in line with HRI model.

An increase in prizemoney is a top priority to help with the cost of living crisis and Removal of vat from dog food.

Technology advances with the RCÉTS APP could be used to benefit owners, trainers, managers and transport and rehoming preparation.

An increase in private track grants/allocations.

Barking Buzz needs investment and overhaul to generate more revenue.

We are seeking to have some input and some active involvement with The New 5-year plan and the implementation of the previous 5-year plan ending 2022.