With the return to pre-COVID racing operations Greyhound Racing Ireland has in collaboration with the IGOBF designed a new standardised racing parade jacket for all handlers.  The wearing of the previous style of racing coat was suspended due to COVID-19 restrictions.  

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Pictured: Geoff Parnaby, Deirdre Leahy & Damian Matthews of the Irish Greyhound Owners Breeders Federation launching the new-look parade jackets being rolled out to stadia nationwide.

The new version will carry the logo of the Irish Retired Greyhound Trusts who will benefit from a donation of €5.00 for every jacket sold.  

In a change to the previous policy of the stadium providing parade jackets for handlers, all owners/handlers will now be required to purchase their own jackets either online or via the GRI Sales Centre.  The cost of each jacket is €20.00, and this will include the donation to the IRGT.

Both the GRI & IGOBF have agreed that the wearing of the newly launched parade jacket will become compulsory from 19th April 2022.

Derek Frehill, Director of Racing said, “The roll-out of the revamped parade jacket will help us to create a unified look across all venues and convey the professionalism of our racing trainers & handlers.  With the growing profile of Irish greyhound racing via such platforms as SIS and RPGTV, the inclusion of the IRGT logo on each jacket also offers us an opportunity to reinforce the brand and the partnership between racing and the IRGT.” he continued, ” I would also like to thank the IGBOF for their support in developing the concept and working with the racing team to get to launch stage”.

Damian Matthews, Chairman, IGOBF said, “With the expansion of international audiences watching Irish greyhound racing, the IGOBF recognise the importance of presenting the profession of greyhound racing in the best possible manner.  The introduction of these new jackets permit to present a unified image of our sport”.

Full details on the scheme and how to purchase jackets are available here: