Our upcoming AGM is planned for
Wed evening March 29th 7.30pm to 9.30pm 
VENUE:- Killeshin Hotel Portlaoise  R32 TYW7
Please encourage a strong attendance 

Please email igobfsecretary@gmail.com regarding any issues your members would like to be addressed and they will be put forward throughout 2023. Please find attached the initial Key Issues that we will be addressing with GRI in the 1st quarter of this year.

Yours in Sport,

Damian Matthews


The IGOBF Key Issues for 2023

1. Costs and financial issues 

1a. Ring Fence significant portion of the Horse and greyhound fund for prizemoney. (60%)

Prizemoney is a top priority.

1b. The feeding of Category 2 meat to all greyhounds (including racing greyhounds) should be supported by GRI and the Department of Agriculture and the current screening limits for demoxothene should not change.

1c. Private tracks

25% increase in annual funding grant for all private tracks with immediate effect to counter the inflation crisis.

1d. Freeze race entry fees at current levels.

No more additional costs on owners, trainers,transporters and especially on breeders. 

Restore the breeder’s prizemoney initiative.

Restore trainer’s incentive.

Remove vat on dog food.

Streamline passport/vaccination export/transportation procedures and costs.

2. Welfare and Integrity

2a. An agreed action plan for track maintenance at every track for trials and racing. Safety must be a priority at every track with the emphasis on the surface being properly prepared,maintained and monitored.

2b. Funding for welfare,integrity and rehoming spending be ring fenced at existing levels (over €3m last year)

2c. Drug testing.

We are seeking an up-to-date evaluation of best practices, more detailed information about thresholds, more regular communication to our members about all aspects of drug testing.

We must build trust and confidence in the testing system.

3. Future planning 

3a. Clear communication from GRI regarding upgrading to Shelbourne Park, Kilkenny track, Lifford and all other industry developments.

3b. An overhaul of the Barking Buzz platform.

We want new revenue streams into our sport we must consider engaging with the top betting companies and bring our live racing streaming to a global market.

3c. That the board of GRI be remodelled to resemble the HRI board with representatives of all stakeholders such as owners,breeders, trainers,sponsors,transporters, stud keepers etc.

3d. A professional articulate spokesperson delegated to deal with negative publicity, online bullying, targeting sponsors, anti-racing propaganda and we require an agreed strategy to be developed to counter those who deliberately defame/tarnish greyhound racing in the media and with politicians etc.

Our members are prepared to play our part to defend our sport and it should be a united approach.