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IGOBF English Derby 2022 Buster


Join in the excitement and be in with a chance to WIN €5,000 on the final of the 2022 English Greyhound Derby !!

In every six dog Greyhound race, there is an amazing 720 different (1 to 6) combinations that the result can be achieved !

To be in with a chance to win €5,000 on the correct finishing order on the final of the 2022 English Derby Final (25th June) purchase your ticket here.

Each purchase is €25 and you will receive your unique sequence and receipt by e-mail.

The winning sequence will be the winner of the €5,000 !!

100% of all proceeds from the draw, will be paid back into prize money at various tracks all over Ireland (including Northern Ireland) by the IGOBF.

To Enter

1. Click on the “Buy Ticket Now” on each ticket you want to buy. The ticket is held for 5 minutes to allow you to add further tickets or complete the purchase.

3. Repeat this for as many competition entries as you want. Cost is €25 per entry.

4. Once you have enough selected, click on “Checkout / View Entries” and confirm correct number of entries. Remember you have 5 minutes from when you added your first product, to complete the purchase.

5. Click on “Proceed to Checkout” and enter your contact and payment details. Please ensure to enter valid email address and phone number, so we can contact you.

5. On successful completion, you will receive your unique random sequence via email.

Terms and Conditions apply – see below for full list.

Best of Luck!

Terms and Conditions

  • Each ticket purchased gives you 1 entry to the competition and 1 chance to win.
  • Each ticket purchased, gives you a unique 6 digit combination of the digits from 1 to 6, where each number can only come up once. This represents the finishing order or the 6 dogs in the 2022 English Greyhound Derby final.
  • If your unique combination matches the finishing order of the 2022 English Greyhound Derby, you will win €5,000
  • In the event of a non-runner, they will be deemed to have finished in last place
  • In the event of a dead heat for any 2 or more places, the prize will be shared equally between the relevant parties
    – eg if 1 and 2 finish in a dead heat for first place, with 3 in 3rd, 4 in 4th, 5 in 5th and 6 in 6th, ticket holders with 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 2,1,3,4,5,6 share the prize equally
  • Proof of purchase will be required to claim prize
  • There are no refunds.
  • Judges decision is final.